Bulk Purchases - Parties, Tupper-Sex, Retailers

Bulk product purchasing for parties, bachelorettes, tupper-sex, redistribution and retailers.

Having an event where you and your friends are going to get together and need to get stocked up on lots of adult related products...?  This section is perfect.

Did you know most adult products not bought on the internet are sold through friends at "tupper-sex" parties?  Well... Grei @grei_1 is the queen supreme of hosting adult female oriented events and wants to help you succeed at yours!

If you are interested in throwing your own party, need toys and gifts for bachelorettes, want to host your own tupper-sex, redistribute in your area, own or want to own your own adult retail business this section of the site is meant for you.

Find our products in bulk. 

CONTACT US DIRECTLY if you want to resell as a Red Room consultant or are interested in starting an adult retail business in your area.  We are here to help and will work with your specific needs/events.